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Premier Precious Metals


Italgold Refinery bullion and semi-finished products are made from the highest quality precious metals. Our refining, fabrication, and minting processes follow best practice guidelines to protect workers, and the environment.


Italgold Refinery follows the Wohlwill process to extract precious metals from various unwanted materials, such as industrial waste, manufacturing by-products, dore bars, and scrap jewelry.

We have years of industry experience to guide you through the refining process, and you get the best price for your precious metals.

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Our operational unit is fully equipped to manufacture semi-finished goods from all standard precious alloys based on gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

We produce a wide range of semi-finished goldsmith, industrial, or specialty products fabricated from drawn, rolled, pressed, shaped, and coined items.

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Italgold Refinery supplies both cast and minted bars, as well as ingots and coins.

The stamping design, the rarity of a piece, the appeal of dore, all these qualities add to the intrinsic value of Italgold Refinery minted pieces.

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Italgold Refinery understands the value of precious metals, and how to assess each facet of the industry. Our assaying and trading services are managed by experienced experts, while our storage services are protected using high-tech security measures.


Italgold Refinery uses more than just fire assaying to determine the quality of your product.

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Italgold Refinery has the expert team to guide you through the process of trading precious metals.

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Italgold Refinery offers storage services, including tax-exempt safety-deposit boxes and bullion vaults.

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About Us

Italgold Refinery is a Dubai-based precious metals industry leader. We aim to provide premier precious metal refining, assaying, casting, minting, trading, and storage services to primary and secondary precious metals industries in the Middle East and Europe.

Italgold Refinery is an innovative company committed to achieving the high expectations of its professional team members, business partners, and clients. We value respect, loyalty, and transparency, which is part of our commitment to you as an Italgold Refinery client.

Italgold Refinery also follows best-practice guidelines at our processing facilities to ensure that we are protecting the environment and working towards a greener future in the industry. As a cornerstone of the Emirati gold-trading system, we lead by example in sustainable precious metal production.

If you are interested in learning more about how Italgold Refinery can help you, please contact us to discuss our products and services. Our team of industry professionals can answer your questions and help you to determine solutions for your precious metal refining, fabrication, supply, or investment needs.

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