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Italgold Refinery is a fusion project. From refining to assaying, manufacturing to trading, the business has a 12-year history, as well as Italian craftsmanship and industry knowledge, supporting this ambitious venture to take high-quality precious metals to the Middle Eastern market.

The company pulls together the resources of independent companies in Italy, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Georgia, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates to offer superior quality products and services.

Our Mission

Italgold Refinery aims to provide premier precious metal refining, assaying, casting, and minting, as well as trading and storage services to primary and secondary precious metals industries in the Middle East and Europe.

Our Vision

The company aims to supply clients with high-quality products using the latest technology and observing strict security standards to maximize production and profits for the business and for clients, creating a win-win partnership.


The working of gold, silver, and other metals is one of the longest-held traditions of the Roman empire. Ancient Romans inherited a rich tradition of goldsmithing from the Greeks and Etruscans, who occupied settlements across what is today central and southern Italy.

Metalsmiths passed their knowledge down the generations, from master to apprentice, in small workshops, creating necklaces, earrings, bracelets, buckles, and other finery crafted from precious metals.


Why Italian Gold is Different

Gold is measured in karats, which indicates the amount of pure gold that constitutes a piece of jewelry.

Twenty-four karats (24k) means that the gold is in its purest state, which is too soft for making jewelry. Pure gold is mixed with other alloys, such as silver or copper so that it can be used in jewelry. For example, an 18k gold ring contains 75 percent pure gold, or 18 parts gold and 6 parts another metal or metals.

This information informs the price of a piece of jewelry, as some jewelers sell gold jewelry based on weight, tagging the price of their work to the fluctuations on the gold market.

In the US, 10k is the lowest legal standard at which a piece of jewelry can be referred to as “gold”. In Italy, 18k is the lowest legal standard that jewelry can be called “gold”.

This is why gold jewelry in Italy is more sort-after, looks more attractive, and holds higher value. It was the ancient Romans who preferred to use a more unadulterated form of brilliant gold as a raw material for jewelry, and it is a tradition that lives on in Italy today.

Italgold in Dubai

Italgold Refinery FZCO is headquartered in the Dubai Airport Free Zone. This dynamic location gives the company access not only to the Middle East, but connectivity to Europe and the world.

The company offers many products and services, such as:

  • Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium refining
  • Fabrication of Semi-finished products, which include Wires, Rods and Tubes, Coin Strips and Blanks, Milled Parts, Sheets and Disks, as well as other specialty products on request
  • Minting of casts and bars, as well as ingots and coins.
  • Trading precious metals
  • Assaying services
  • Gold storage


Italgold Refinery is a professional service provider with clients from many areas of the precious metals industry.




Professional dealers




Jewelry Makers


Industrial Consumers


Private Investors

Our refinery has the capacity to handle more than 18 tonnes of gold and silver, and our process times are exceptionally fast so that you achieve the highest returns.

Italgold Refinery also follows best-practice guidelines at our processing facilities to ensure that we are protecting the environment and working towards a greener future in the industry.

Code of Conduct


Italgold Refinery is an innovative company committed to achieving the high expectations of its professional team members, business partners, and clients.

As a team, we are committed to excellence, and in action, we strive to always:

  • Show respect
  • Display loyalty
  • Act in transparency
  • Uphold an ethical code

These values form the basis for our Code of Conduct.

The company also makes Occupational Health and Safety a priority. To learn more about our commitment to OH&S, please contact us at our email address.

Product & Client

Ethical Values

Italgold Refinery expects that all team members conduct themselves according to the ethical values of the company. These values inform the direction of the company, our interactions in the company and with clients and partners, as well as our commitment to the border community.


Our CompanyOur Commitment
Our TeamRespect and Integrity
EnvironmentCare and Protection
DevelopmentInnovation and Flexibility
QualityPremium and Consistent
ConductEthical and Professional

As a cornerstone of the Emirati gold-trading system, Italgold Refinery works with some of the largest mines, financial institutions, and government entities in the precious metals industry.


A Part of the Community

Italgold Refinery works with all its stakeholders according to its values of:




Reach & Security

Italgold Refinery has associates in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe, as well as offices in Italy (Valencia, Arezzo, Rimini), San Marino (Dogana), Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. The diversity of locations gives the company a logistical advantage and ensures a secure network for business operations and trade.

Using the latest in security technology, Italgold Refinery’s transport, storage, and distribution channels are of the highest quality and surpass basic security guidelines. The company works with only the best in business, trusted suppliers with a reputation for excellence and an untarnished security record.

The Company

Human Resources

Italgold Refinery is privileged to have among its team many highly-skilled professionals, including chemists, smelters, designers, fabricators, commodities traders, and administrative personnel. It is these individuals who choose to work together that ensure that the company can deliver on its commitments and uphold its values.

As an equal opportunity employer, we follow UAE Labour Laws and enforce a zero-tolerance policy against child labor or forced labor, or any employment which violates a person’s basic human rights.

We base our employment policies on the following nationals and international conventions (from the UN Global Compact and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights) and laws:

  • International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conventions No 100 & 111 for Discrimination and Harassment
  • Conventions No 138 & 182 for Child Labour
  • Conventions 29 & 105 for Forced Labour


Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) mandates the rules and regulations concerning responsible supply chain management, and Italgold Refinery follows these directives to ensure that Italgold Refinery is part of that responsible supply chain.

Within the precious metal industry, there are significant risks to both human welfare and the environment. These risks are associated with:

  • Extracting
  • Trading
  • Handling and exporting minerals from conflict-affected and high-risk areas

Italgold Refinery recognizes that it has a responsibility to make informed choices about the source of its materials, and how that impacts the environment and human lives. As part of our ongoing commitment to environmentally sustainable practices, and international conventions protecting vulnerable people, we aim to always:

Comply with relevant United Nations sanctions, resolutions, or, where applicable, domestic laws, that prohibit the acquisition of materials from conflict zones.
Investigate the source of origin when negotiating contracts for the supply of goods or services.

We also ensure that we rigorously comply with Responsible Supply Chain Management, Anti-money Laundering, and Combating the Financing of Terrorism directives, which includes:

  • Criteria for Supply Chain Due Diligence
  • Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Processes
  • Monitoring and Surveillance
  • Scope
  • Responsibilities
  • Training

Italgold Refinery undergoes yearly compliance audits in accordance with the DMCC Guidance.

We also comply with the standards of the Global Precious Metals Code, prepared by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

Organizational Chart


To learn more about Italgold Refinery’s certifications and accreditations, please email us at [email protected]