Semi-finished Products

Semi-finished: Prepared for the final stages of manufacturing.


About Fabrication

Semi-finished precious metal products are used in many industrial sectors, as well as in jewelry production and medical technology. The semi-finished or pre-materials produced are the raw materials provided for the manufacture of end-user products.

Depending on the product, quality, and customer requirements, melting processes, such as vacuum casting or continuous casting, as well as sintered materials are used in the production of semi-finished products.

A wide range of semi-finished goldsmith, industrial, or specialty products that are fabricated from drawn, rolled, pressed, shaped, and coined items. The process begins with top-quality metallurgical castings that ensure semi-finished products are easy to work with and are of the highest quality.

Semi-finished precious metal items are hallmarked for quality. These semi-finished products, especially when used in art or jewelry, are required to pass through official testing channels for assaying of their precious metal content. The assayer tests the products to determine that the fineness of the product conforms with the fineness that the maker has attested to on the hallmark.

What We Do

Our operational unit is fully equipped to manufacture semi-finished goods from all standard precious alloys based on gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Italgold Refinery’s semi-finished products include:

  • Wires
  • Rods and Tubes
  • Coin strips and blanks
  • Milled Parts
  • Sheets and Disks
  • Other specialty products on request

Products details


ApplicationElectrical engineering (switches, fuses, contacts, motors, sensors), medical products, and jewelry
AlloyMelted metallurgical materials and sintered materials
QualityExtrusion press wire and continuously cast wire
Wire drawing peeled ≤6mm
DimensionsStandard: 0.1 – 6mm (other dimensions on request)
CastingVacuum casting, continuous casting, pressed sintered materials
MoldsRound wire, profiles on request (square, rectangular, semicircular, etc.)

Rods and Tubes

ApplicationElectrical engineering, chemical manufacturing, medical equipment, and jewelry
AlloyMelted metallurgical materials
QualitySeamlessly extruded and welded
DimensionsStandard length: 1m – 2.4m
Standard thickness: 1mm – 60mm
CastingVacuum casting, continuous casting
MoldsRound wire, profiles on request (square, rectangular, semicircular, etc.)

Coin Strips and Blanks

ApplicationJewelry, coins, badges, medals, art
AlloyMelted metallurgical materials
QualitySpecifications: tolerances, hardness, and surface to customer specifications
DimensionsStandard width: ≤ 120 mm, standard length: ≤600mm
CastingVacuum casting, continuous casting
MoldsRound, flat, square, rectangular, etc.

Milled Parts

ApplicationJewelry, art, and machines or equipment
AlloyMelted metallurgical materials
QualityRoughness: Rz ≤ 1 µm, tolerances according to customer specifications
DimensionsThickness: 5mm – 100mm length: up to 600mm
CastingVacuum casting, continuous casting
MoldsTo customer specifications

Sheets and Disks

ApplicationChemical manufacturing, electrical equipment, gaskets, medical equipment, and jewelry manufacturing
AlloyMelted metallurgical materials

Hardness: hard rolled or annealed

Surface: rolled, brushed or polished, foiled for surface protection


Sheet: ≥0.2 x ≤500 x ≤1000 mm

Disc: Ø 600 mm or special forms

CastingVacuum casting, continuous casting
MoldsFlat, round
Our products include a wide range of alloys and product types to suit a diverse range of applications. To learn more about casting, quality, dimensions, and alloys that are supplied by Italgold Refinery, or how we can adapt products to meet your specific needs, contact us. [email protected]