Mint: To make coins or money from metal.

The Art of Minting

The minting of coins is estimated to date back to 7th century Lydia. The government issued coins featuring a stylized lion’s head were made from a gold and silver alloy called electrum.

Today, coining, or the manufacturing of coins using a stamping process, is most commonly used to create government-issued coins, or fiat money, as currency, as well as some collectible coins. These coins are commonly made from alloys and contain little or no precious metals.

Bullion coins are those made using precious metals, often containing fractions of a troy ounce (1 troy ounce is equal to 31.1034768 grams). Bullion coins generally contain gold or silver, however, platinum and palladium are also used to mint bullion coins.

Bullion coins hold value not only because of the precious metal content (which gives a coin its melt value), but also for their aesthetic qualities due to the stamping design, and their rarity. It is this subjective or numismatic value that drives the value of bullion coins up and makes them a valuable item.

Some of the most well-known bullion coins include:

  • American Eagle gold bullion – minted from 22 karat gold (91.67% purity)
  • Canadian Maple Leaf
  • South African Krugerrands
  • Chinese Gold Pandas

Investors often add value to their portfolios through the acquisition of gold in the form of bullion coins or bars.

Our Experience

Italgold Refinery supplies both cast and minted bars, as well as ingots and coins.

Cast Bars

Cast bars are created using the molding and pouring techniques that have been little changed over thousands of years. The metal is heated and then poured into a mold of a set size and shape in its liquid form. Once the precious metal cools, it is stamped with Italgold Refinery’s hallmark and sent for assaying. The bars are rough, imprecise and unique.

Minted Bars

Minted bars are given their sleek and uniform look after molding when they are processed by continuous casting machinery. Long strips of metal are manufactured to a specified width and thickness. This strip is then cut into precise lengths, resulting in neutral “blanks” that have no distinguishing features.
The blanks are then stamped with intricate designs, adding to their value. The numismatic value is increased not only by the intricacy of design, but its appeal and rarity also contribute. Such pieces are placed in tamper-proof packing and issued with certifications to ensure the numismatic value of each Italgold Refinery piece is retained to the highest levels.

Italgold Products

Italgold Refinery has a variety of gold and other precious metal products available, including collectable coins, bullion, cast bars, and minted bars.

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