Privacy Policy

Italgold Refinery FZCO (hereafter “Italgold Refinery”, “we”, “us” or “the Company”) is committed to protecting the privacy of visitors to this website. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) explains how we will collect, use, retain, disclose, dispose of, and secure personal information about website visitors.

It also explains the purposes, both administrative and non-administrative, for which personal information is collected from our visitors and how they can exercise their right of access to that information.

Pursuant to the terms of the Privacy Policy, you have a right to access, and where appropriate to correct, any of your personal information that is under the Company’s control.

Modifications to this Website Privacy Notice

The Company reserves the right to change this Notice at any time, without notice or liability to you or any other person, by posting a revised version on this website. Our collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information will be governed by the version of the Notice that is posted and in effect at that time.  We recommend that you visit our site to periodically review this Notice.

How We Collect and Use your Personal Information

Direct Collection

Your personal information may be required for the purposes of facilitating your access to, and use of, this website and for optimizing your online experience. We collect your personal information when you visit our website, log-in or update your account, provide us with a product review and/or ask a question, respond to our surveys, or direct inquiries to us.

The personal information that we collect directly includes:

  • Your Internet Protocol (“IP”) address;
  • Your user ID and passwords:  To provide you with access to your account and user profile;
  • Your account information:  Includes your name, email address, mailing or business address, telephone number, account number, username and password, and payment details.

This information tells us who you are, and how to contact you. Your account information also contains other personal information that you have provided to us on a voluntary basis, such as your language of choice;

  • Your feedback: Consists of insights that you have provided on how we may improve our products and services to meet your needs;
  • Your opinions: Limited personal information is collected on the Company’s behalf by third party’s from site visitors choosing to utilize the product review and FAQ functionality on our product pages;
  • Your email correspondence through this website: Used to respond to your inquiries and general communications of all kinds and is stored in a secure Personal Information Bank. With your permission and otherwise in accordance with UAE anti-spam legislation, this information may also be used to communicate with you about the Company and our products and services; and
  • Your transaction data: This shows us which products and services you have purchased or requested and the manner in which you paid for them. To help prevent fraud and identity theft, we use a third-party service provider to validate the identity of site visitors wishing to make purchases through a limited online authentication process.

Use of Personal Information

Non-Administrative Uses

Any personal information obtained from emails or completed feedback or survey forms may be used in a de-identified and aggregated form to produce statistical reports as well as for internal audit and/or continuous improvement purposes.


Deletion of data

The data of any user will be deleted or blocked as soon as the purpose for which it was stored ceases to be relevant. In addition, the data may be stored if this has been provided for by the national or European legislator, EU regulations, or other regulations to which we are subject. The data will also be deleted or blocked when the statutory storage period expires unless there is a need for further storage of the data for the conclusion or performance of a contract.

Administrative Uses

Online Advertising


The Ads We Show You

The Company collects and uses information about your web-browsing behavior, such as the pages you have visited and the searches you have made for the purposes of online advertising. This information is used to select which advertisement about the Company’s products and services should be targeted and displayed to a particular individual on websites other than the Company’s.

Our goal is to ensure that our ads are relevant to our customers. The ads we display become more relevant when they are shown to users who are likely to be interested in the product or service we advertise. To this end, we work with companies (our “Service Providers”) to market products and services that best reflect your interests and needs thereby facilitating your overall website experience. This may involve sharing your personal information with the Service Providers. We and our Service Providers may use cookies or similar technologies to provide you with advertising based on your browsing activities and interests. These types of ads are called “interest-based advertising”.

You may also receive interest-based ads when you are signed into any personal account you may have with our Service Providers, such as an email account.


Service Providers

Our Service Providers are based in other jurisdictions including the United States of America (USA), which means that the personal information collected may be transmitted outside of the UAE, and subject to the governing legislation of the country where it is processed, including the USA Patriot Act. For more information about the privacy policies of our Service Providers, please refer to the Opt-out of Interest-Based Ads section that follows.


Opt-out of Interest-Based Ads

If you would like to learn more about our Service Providers’ privacy practices, use of cookies, and online advertising and/or would like to opt-out of interest-based advertising by our Service Providers, you may do so by clicking the links below.

Please review this list of Service Providers periodically as it may be updated as required.

  • Google:

We use the services of Google Inc. (“Google”) for a variety of online advertising, including the Google Adwords Remarketing service.

We also use the Google AdWords “Customer Match” service to advertise our products to some customers when they are signed in to Google Search, YouTube, or Gmail. In doing so, we provide Google with a list of email addresses of our customers who have previously consented to receive the Company’s product information. That list is matched against Google’s own records to identify individuals that have customer relationships with both companies. These individuals receive our advertising, subject to the terms of Google’s Customer Match policy.

The Company’s use of the above services is subject to Google’s Policy for advertising based on interests and location and Google’s Privacy Policy.

You may opt-out of Google’s use of cookies by visiting Google’s Ad Settings.


  • Bing:

The Company uses the services of Bing Ads to display ads on the Bing Network. The Company’s use of this service is subject to Microsoft’s Privacy Policy.

You may opt-out of Bing Ads’ use of cookies by clicking here.


  • Other Companies – General Opt-out:

Note – The above options will opt you out of interest-based advertising, however, you may continue to receive generic, non-personalized ads that are not as relevant to you.

You may also opt-out of one or more companies’ uses of cookies for the purposes of interest-based advertising by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.


The Use of Cookies for Online Advertising

A cookie is a snippet of data stored by a web browser that enables your browsing activity to be collected and used to personalize your online experience when you search for information. Cookies or similar technologies are also used to track your interaction with our advertisements on third-party websites in order to measure ad campaign success rates. Cookies used by the Company cannot capture or access files and data stored on your computer.


Audience-Based and Personalized Advertising

  • Facebook (includes Instagram), Pinterest, and Amazon:

We use Facebook’s and Pinterest’s cloud-based Custom Audiences as well as Amazon’s Advertiser Audiences to target ads to users of these services by uploading customized lists of visitor emails derived from our website to the applicable companies.

We upload “hashed” (i.e. encrypted) data to these companies and they match that data against hashed data from their own holdings. Hashed data is a security measure used because it helps to protect the personal information being transmitted.

The matched data is added to the applicable Audiences and Company-related ads are delivered to those individuals the next time that they use the service. Thereafter, the matched and unmatched hashes are deleted by the companies.

On Pinterest, we may target relevant Pinners based on placement, interests, keywords, age, or demographics or by “Custom Audiences” of Pinterest users who have interacted with our content before. We may also use Pinterest’s “Expanded targeting”, which is an ad group setting that enables an ad to be automatically targeted to relevant searches.

Individuals that wish to limit the advertisements personalized to them as a result of the above processes can adjust their preferences for Facebook; Instagram; Pinterest and/or Amazon.

  • Twitter:

We use Twitter’s Tailored Audiences service to target ads to Twitter users by:

  • Uploading a file containing a list(s) of email addresses, Twitter IDs (user IDs or usernames), or mobile advertising IDs of our existing users/ customers to Twitter in order to have them matched against a file provided by Twitter that lists individuals who are active on Twitter, in order to target the matched individuals. To enhance user privacy, lists submitted for matching must include enough entries to result in at least 500 matches;
  • Employing a website “tag” to place a “cookie” on the browser of each individual that visits this website. The unique ID of that cookie is recorded so that it can be included in the audience for remarketing on Twitter. As our users visit tag-containing web pages, Twitter conducts a match to determine whether the user is also a Twitter user. The targeted audience that is made available to advertisers in their Twitter Ads account is the subset of visitors who both visited the tag-containing web page and are Twitter users.

Twitter users who do not wish to receive our Twitter-generated advertisements while online can simply uncheck the box next to “Promoted content” in their Twitter privacy settings.  Additionally, because Twitter supports “Do Not Track” (DNT), Twitter does not match browser-related information to accounts of online users who have DNT enabled to tailor ads for them. On mobile, Twitter also supports “Limit Ad Tracking” (iOS) and “Opt-out of interest-based ads” (Android). For devices with either of these settings enabled, Twitter will not tailor ads by matching those devices to app information from ad partners.

  • Adobe:

We use the Adobe Experience Cloud suite of products to personalize and improve the performance of online advertising messages displayed to certain website users. The Company uses the Adobe Audience Manager solution to collect information about your behaviors and interactions on the website and your operating device in order to match it with previously collected data about Italgold Refinery customers. The Company uses this information to create “audiences” (i.e. groups) that it can serve personalized and relevant ads to on various online advertising platforms. Personal information from the Company’s database is uploaded to Adobe in a “hashed” form, encrypted in transmission, and does not permit Adobe to directly identify individuals.

If you wish to limit the personalization of advertising using Adobe technology, please see Further details on Adobe Audience Manager/Adobe Experience Cloud Data Security and Privacy can be found here:

Note: even if you choose not to see the personalized ads described above, you may see personalized product recommendations and other similar features on the website of the above-named companies and their affiliated sites. You may also see ads provided by these companies on other websites; they just won’t be personalized.

You can also generally opt-out of receiving personalized ads from third-party advertisers and ad networks by visiting their opt-out pages.

Mailing Lists

If you provide your email address on any online subscription, registration, or contact form, your name will be added to our mailing list and we will, from time to time, use your email address to send you information on our products.

Please notify the Company at any time by return email if you wish to be removed from our mailing list. If you use the “Unsubscribe” function included in every email, your email address will be removed from the Company’s database as soon as possible, but no later than 10 business days after receipt of your direction. We may also invite you to tell us your reasons for termination so that we can better understand how our products might be improved.  Choosing to unsubscribe from the Company’s customer mailing list will not affect other email communications that you may receive from us.



The Company does not knowingly solicit or collect personal information, via this website, from children under the age of thirteen (13).


Third-Party Social Media

The Company’s use of social media serves as an extension of our internet presence. Social media accounts are public and are not hosted on our servers. Users who choose to interact with us via social media should read the terms of service and privacy policies of these third-party service providers and those of any applications used to access them.

Personal information that you provide to us via social media accounts is collected to capture conversations (e.g. questions and answers, comments, “likes”, retweets) between you and the Company. It may be used to respond to inquiries, or for statistical, evaluation, and reporting purposes. Comments posted that violate UAE laws will be deleted and disclosed to law enforcement authorities. Comments that violate the Company’s Terms and Conditions will also be deleted.


Internet Protocol (IP) Address

The IP address is used to connect your computer to the Internet. The Company uses software programs to monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information, or otherwise cause damage, to or on this website. This software receives and records the IP address of each computer that contacts this website, the date and time of the visit, and the pages visited. We make no attempt to link these addresses with the identities of individuals visiting this site unless an attempt to damage the site has been detected. The aforementioned information may be shared with appropriate law enforcement authorities if suspected criminal activities are detected. Such information may be used to report and investigate security incidents and to ensure that vulnerabilities are identified and the risk of future occurrences reduced.


Web Analytics

Web analytics is the collection, analysis, measurement, and reporting of data about Web traffic and visits for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage and performance. For the purposes of the Privacy Policy, this information is treated as personal information.  When your computer or other device requests a page on our website, the information collected for web analytics purposes includes, but is not limited to:

  • the originating IP address (format of storage and retention does not permit visitor identification);
  • Google Advertising ID (GAID) and Apple Identifier for Advertiser (IDFA) for mobile app users;
  • the date and time of the visit;
  • the type of browser and operating system used; and
  • the page(s) visited and document(s) downloaded.


We use services from external third-party providers Adobe Inc. (Adobe Analytics) and Google Inc. (Google Analytics) to help us measure traffic patterns on, and evaluate online activity and interactions with our website. This requires the use of digital markers (i.e. “session” and “persistent” cookies). No personally-identifying information is recorded by or provided to the service providers. Your IP address is depersonalized (truncated in part or full) prior to being transmitted to and stored on Adobe’s and Google’s servers in order to help safeguard your privacy. As data collected for web analytics purposes may go outside of the UAE for processing (e.g. to servers in Europe and other jurisdictions), it may become subject to the governing legislation of that country.

Personal information compiled for the purpose of web analytics may be used by the Company in aggregate for non-administrative uses such as statistical, audit, evaluation, research, planning, and reporting purposes. This information is only made available to web managers and other staff who require this information to perform their duties. It is not used to profile identifiable individuals or in decision-making processes that directly affect individuals.

For more information about:


You may opt-out of having your visit on our website tracked by:

  • Changing your browser settings to refuse cookies, disabling JavaScript within your browser.
  • Downloading and installing Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on that prevents your visit data from being used.
  • Opting-out via Adobe’s Cookies Policy.


If you change your browser’s privacy settings to refuse cookies or disable JavaScript, no information will be collected but your visit to our website may be affected in other ways. If you use the browser add-on from Google, your visit will not be affected.

Disclosure, Retention, and Disposal of Your Personal Information

Personal information collected by the Company for website security purposes may be disclosed to appropriate law enforcement authorities if suspected criminal activities are detected.

Any personal information collected by the Company in relation to web analytics will be retained for a limited period and then disposed of in a secure fashion. We will retain all other personal information collected via the website for a somewhat longer period on our servers.  When the retention period for a record containing personal information has expired, we will dispose of it in a secure and permanent manner in accordance with the requirements of applicable legislation and policy.

Website Security

The security of your personal information is a priority for the Company. We use industry best practices to protect and maintain the security of our systems and your personal information.

However, please note that emails and other electronic methods used to communicate with this website may not be secure unless specifically stated. Therefore, we recommend that you do not send sensitive personal information, such as your date of birth or payment information, through non-secure electronic means.



Encryption is a way of “scrambling” electronic information for transmission. We use  Transport Layer Security (TLS) 256-bit encryption to protect your personal information during data transport.


Other Websites

This website contains links to other websites. While the Company takes measures to ensure that the links on our website are to reputable and well-established companies, we are not responsible for the privacy practices of other organizations. Any personal information provided will be subject to the terms, conditions, and privacy policies of those third parties. We encourage you to read and become familiar with the privacy notices and/or policies of those websites before you volunteer any personal information.

Email Security

From time to time, fraudsters circulate emails that appear to have been issued by a reputable corporation, asking people to disclose personal and/or financial information.

These malicious emails, also known as “phishing” schemes, are sent with the intention of using the trusted names and reputations of legitimate businesses in the hopes the recipient will surrender their personal information.

If you receive an email claiming to be from Italgold Refinery and you suspect it is fraudulent, do not reply or click any links or open attachments found in the email. Report it by forwarding the communication along with any supporting documentation to our email address for verification.

If you are ever unsure of the legitimacy of any information you receive from us, do not reply and please contact us immediately.

Right of Access and Right to Request Correction of Your Personal Information

In accordance with the Privacy Act, you have the right to request access to all the personal information that the Company keeps about you as well as the right to request the correction of that personal information if it contains errors. You can do so by emailing us at [email protected] or postal address:
Dubai Airport Freezone
Premises QB5
United Arab Emirates

The Company has 30 days to respond in writing to your request, subject to a time extension in certain specific circumstances, and there are no fees for requesting access to your personal information.

Should you simply wish to update your account information, you can log in to your account with your password and you will be able to review or modify your account information at any time. We can also do this on your behalf if you contact the Company’s Customer Support Centre.

Contact Us

Should you wish to update your information or contact us regarding the details of our Privacy Policy, please email or write to:
[email protected]
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United Arab Emirates