Storage: The safekeeping of goods in a depository.

Secure Storage

Gold and other precious metals ownership, especially of bars, ingot, or coins can pose a challenging question; how does an owner secure their possessions?

There are two solutions.

  • stow bullion in your home in a safe, or
  • use professional storage solutions

Bullion self-storage poses a risk. The bullion is not secure and the occupants of the home could be vulnerable if were known that they had such valuables. Bullion owners, in general, are investing in a long-term strategy in precious metals and tend to acquire more bullion over time.

Professional storage facilities provide owners with the peace of mind that their gold is protected in high-tech storage warehousing. Guarded premises that are purpose-built for the storage of precious metals ensure that your bullion is safe, as well as correctly maintained.

The bullion is kept secure in vaults and owners are issued with serial numbers to ensure that their gold is registered and trackable.

Italgold Refinery offers storage services for its clients, including tax-exempt safety-deposit boxes and bullion vaults.
For those who want fast access to their bullion, safety deposit boxes are a good option. The security clearance process is expedited and in many cases, clients are able to access their bullion within 24-hours of making a request.

Bullion vaults are the recommended storage option for those who have a larger quantity of bullion. Highly secure sites mean that while access to bullion is more restricted with a longer lead time required for clearance, your precious metals are well protected.

Italgold Refinery has a unique location in Dubai which allows the company to offer duty-free storage.

These warehouses are government approved and the secure facilities offer clients the opportunity to store bullion without incurring duty or taxes on their investment.

Tax is only added when clients request that their bullion is delivered physically. At that time, owners are asked to make the payment on the incurring tax as well as delivery, customs declaration, and delivery costs.

However, if bullion stored at an Italgold Refinery tax-free facility is sold by the customer to the company, the entire process remains tax-exempt, meaning that the customer can make considerable returns on bullion sales.