Trading: The activity of buying and selling goods and services.


Precious Metals Trading

An investment in precious metals is one of the soundest ways to secure your portfolio. Gold, silver, and platinum can be volatile, however, they are used as a hedge against inflation.

These precious commodities can be traded in various ways, meaning that a new investor in precious metals needs some guidance to understand the benefits of different investment strategies.

As an investor, there are five main ways in which you can access the precious metals market.

  • Bullion
  • Certificates
  • Futures and Options
  • Common Stocks and Mutual Funds
  • Commodity Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)


Bars, ingots, and coins are all physical products. If an investor chooses to buy bullion, they also require secure storage. An illiquid bullion investment is most suited to those investors who have a long-term investment strategy, as the storage and selling of physical bullion requires the assistance of experts, like Italgold Refinery, to ensure that your investment is secure.


A bullion ownership certificate is just that, a certificate. An investor owns part of a physical asset, however, the certificate is not bullion. Investing in certificates can be risky without the right trusted professionals to ensure that your investment is secure.

Futures and Options

For investors who want to bet big on precious metals, the futures and options markets offer liquidity and leverage. These derivative products have the potential for the greatest losses and gains, making them the trading option with the highest risk.

Common Stocks and Mutual Funds

Shares of precious metals mines are leveraged to price movements in precious metals. An understanding of how mining stocks are valued can make investing in common stocks and mutual funds worthwhile, but it requires a thorough understanding of the specifics of the commodities market.

Commodity Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

EFTs are a liquid way of purchasing and selling gold, silver, or platinum. However, an investment in EFTs is not an investment in a physical bullion, so this method is better for short-term investment and those who are more interested in leveraging their commodity ownership as markets fluctuate.

Italgold Refinery has the expert team to guide you through the process of trading precious metals.

Clean Source Metals

Italgold Refinery is committed to the international standards created to ensure the sustainability and conflict-free procurement of precious metals. The standards that define this include:

  • LBMA Responsible Gold Guidance
  • REACH regulations regarding precious metals
  • Membership in the LPPM

The high market value and demand for precious metals has led to the serious neglect of people and the environment in many parts of the world.

The industry long ago established rules for the procurement and trade of precious metals. Compliance with these regulations is an integral component of our business policies and is the foundation of our Code of Conduct.

As a business, we adhere to the values set forth by compliance standards, and we expect our business partners to hold us to account. We are always ready to discuss our certifications, participation programs, and company guidelines regarding the procurement and processing of precious metals.

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